Embedding Power BI Dashboard in a Website

Microsoft has made it easy to publish dashboards publicly on the web.  All you need is a completed dashboard and a website destination and you’re set.

Once you’ve completed working on your dashboard and are satisfied with the reports, simply go the the file menu, select publish, and the choose “Publish to Power BI”.   You’ll be asked to save any saved changes prior to publishing.

A pop up window will appear asking for your destination.  By default, Power BI has setup an online workspace for you to publish to.  Select “My workspace” to use the default space.  This sometimes takes a while for the upload to process so be patient.

Once the file is uploaded, you’ll be able to go to powerbi.microsoft.com and find your published dashboard.  After logging in, select Workspaces on the left menu and then Reports on the active window.  You’re report will be there.

For each published report, you’ll have the option of sharing the report.  Clicking on the share button will give you a link to embed the report in your website.



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